Data Integrity. Done. Simply.

You have digital files on your computer that you care about. A lot. You worry about how you would ever know if anything ever happened to them and you hope that nothing ever does.

Fixity Pro turns worry into certainty and hope into the information you need.

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Create as many projects as you like to monitor multiple groups of files with different settings
Select the checksum algorithm you would like to use for your project
Drag and drop the folders containing the files you want to monitor the data integrity of
Set up filters to ignore files that you want to exclude from your project
Have Fixity Pro email reports to multiple people to make sure that the right information ends up in the right hands at the right time
Schedule data integrity scans to run automatically and routinely
Manually run data integrity scans whenever you like
Get quick access to information from the last scan performed and know when the next scan will be conducted

Practice Data Integrity Like a Pro

  • Know if files have been changed, added, removed, moved, or renamed
  • Scan files that are stored on your computer, removable storage devices, and mounted network storage locations.
  • Have reports emailed to your inbox and never miss an important update
  • Schedule routine automatic scans to take place whenever you want
  • Filter out files that you want to exclude
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From a Company You Can Trust

Fixity Pro was born out of decades of experience working with clients including the Library of Congress, Smithsonian, Paramount Pictures, Harvard University, Museum of Modern Art, and more. Fixity Pro is used by individuals, professionals, and organizations large and small throughout the world to protect the files they care most about.


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Support At Your Fingertips


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What is Fixity and Why is it Important?

Fixity monitoring and reporting is a practice that every digital preservation and data integrity expert in the world agrees on as being foundational and critical. From the National Digital Stewardship Alliance and the Digital Library Federation to the International Organization on Standardization, and from the Digital Preservation Coalition to the Library of Congress. Despite this fact, for a variety of reasons ranging from technical know-how to funding, many organizations and individuals have historically not been able to perform this fundamental practice. It has only been available to larger, well-resourced organizations with technical expertise, infrastructure, and funding. Fixity Pro aims to democratize this practice, bringing a simple, low-cost solution to individuals and large organizations alike – enabling everyone to practice data integrity like a pro.

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Looking for the Old Fixity?

We decided in 2020 to convert Fixity from being free to being low-cost to sustain ongoing development and maintenance. Want to know more about that? Read more here.